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Land Clearing

CLEARING LANDS to Make Way for Development

Of late, we, at Vallencourt Inc., a premier Jacksonville construction company, have been swamped by land clearing projects. But we are not surprised. The recent spate of industrialization and real estate boom in Florida cities like Jacksonville has necessitated that all available land spaces be made fit to serve industrial, commercial, infrastructural development, and residential purposes and that too, within the shortest time possible and without compromising on the quality of work. And add to it, the seasonal demand for such services in a storm-prone state. We understand how critical it is to get these land sites cleared as quickly as possible and thus make them ready for developmental work. It is this realization that drives us to excel in what we do.


Unlike many other Jacksonville contractors, we understand that all land clearing jobs are not the same. And it is not only a different piece of equipment or machinery that is needed for each project. The nature of a job also varies depending on the site characteristics. For instance, we have skilled contractors who can clear swampy and agricultural tracts as well as undertake entirely different tasks such as clearing hilly terrain and forest lands. And we do an outstanding job on each project. Our work through the years has resulted in pipelines being laid out, power transmission lines being set up, and roads being built to connect communities. Besides, our work also paves the way for infrastructure and utility development. We have the technological expertise, financial strength, manpower, and the dedication to see through a project of any scale and complexity and ensure that it is completed on time, within your budget, as well as surpassing your expectations and our standards.


Regardless of the type of land you need cleared or the complexity of the task, call us today at 904-378-1313 to schedule a consultation.