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Asphalt Repair


The need for asphalt repair just cannot be stressed too much. Fortified roads serve as those stable channels of communication that facilitate the safe and speedy passage of men and materials, a critical component in building up an inter-connected society and ensuring that the fruits of progress reach all communities. The latest spurt of industrial and commercial development in Florida demands such fortified roads crisscross the state to not only aid development but also spread it to all corners. Besides, in a state that is frequently ravaged by fierce tropical storms, both regular and emergency road repair services are imperative to keep open the channels of communication that will carry relief and aid. We at Vallencourt, Inc., a reputable Jacksonville paving company, have been at the forefront of providing such indispensable services.


As a Jacksonville paving contractor with considerable experience and expertise, we realize the importance of embracing new technologies to deliver on such precision-driven work. Our efficacy arises from the technologically advanced methods of repair that we employ. Ours is a multi-staged process that enables us to do a clean and compact job. And just to give you an idea of the thoroughness with which we carry out our work - we apply high heat beyond the repair perimeter to ensure that the new asphalt smoothly merges with the existing layer to form a stronger and more compact surface. If need be, we also carry out sub-base repair work for more intensive damage restoration.


Our Jacksonville asphalt repair company has been in the business of road repair for more than 60 years and it is not only technological superiority that lies at the root of our success. We also have on board skilled contractors who are constantly upgrading themselves so that they can wield this state-of-the-art equipment, effectively and safely.

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