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President and CEO Donald Vallencourt has more than 40 years of experience in the industry. His commitment to quality and on-time performance has built a reputation for exceeding customer expectations. As a Jacksonville Contractor, Vallencourt, Inc. was first incorporated in 1984 and Donald is a very well-respected and involved member in the local community and site construction industry both as an accomplished small business owner and as a philanthropist.

The company started as a small stripping, grading, and paving outfit strictly focusing on the flat work needs of our customers. This proved a valuable strategy. Keep a simple, small, but lucrative business model which would allow for plenty of future expansion. By focusing on this one sector of site development the organization was able to ascertain a reputation that to this day holds a completely untarnished luster.

In 1989 the company expanded to doing storm drainage and underground utilities. This allowed Vallencourt Inc. the ability to offer a full breadth of site contracting services to their customers. This included an immediate expansion into commercial development and opened the door to contracts that were on a completely different level. As a Jacksonville Contractor reputation for quality followed right along with the diversification of services and still follows the organization where ever it goes to this day.

Donald Vallencourt has spent the last forty years building a name that has always been, and will always be, synonymous with quality workmanship in site construction. Today Vallencourt is now expanding into public sector work while maintaining a healthy commercial development division. They also continue to diversify into related fields such as trucking and hauling.