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Utilities Development

The Backbone of Progress

Every society on the brink of taking a leap towards greater industrialization, economic and commercial progress, and enhanced standards of living relies on infrastructure and utilities to build the foundation. It has been no different with Florida either. A major overhaul of both public and private utilities has improved the economic and industrial prospects of many regions in Florida, like Jacksonville, the largest city in the state. This and also the improvement in civic amenities in turn, have led to a real estate boom. The setting up of new industrial, commercial, and residential units means that the civic authorities in Jacksonville have to ensure that the utilities system can keep up with increased demands. We, at Vallencourt Inc., a premier Jacksonville construction company, have been the leading solutions provider.


We have been in the business of utility infrastructure development for more than 60 years and over these years, we have built up an unmatched expertise in diverse areas of work in this field. It of course, helps that we use the latest available equipment for a job and have skilled workers to wield these effectively and safely so that every project we do is completed on time, within your budget, and safely as well. From land clearing to storm drain, water, or sewer pipe installation, our services encompass all facets of utilities development work that go on to form a strong base for industrial, commercial, and residential site development in the future.


It is not only expertise, efficiency, and technological superiority that distinguish us from others. Effective communication also lies at the root of our success. We make sure that we understand your expectations perfectly before clearly explaining our work processes to you. Throughout the duration of the project, we keep open all communication channels so that you are always in the know about what is going on at the work site. We are always open to your suggestions and make every feasible effort to carry out the project according to your wishes.


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