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Land Development

LAND DEVELOPMENT to Aid Financial Progress

The signs of Florida’s burgeoning fortunes are to be seen everywhere—in the establishment of many industrial manufacturing units and power plants, the real estate boom, and in the setting up of shopping centers, multiplexes, and resorts. All these have necessitated land development work on an almost unprecedented scale in various regions of Florida and most notably in Jacksonville, the largest city in the state. We, at Vallencourt Inc., have been the most notable Jacksonville land developer to rise to the challenge of undertaking land development jobs of varying scales and myriad complexities and getting these completed on time, within budget, and without compromising on quality.


Our Jacksonville construction company has been in the business of developing land for heavy civil construction for more than 60 years. And that we have survived and have been flourishing steadily speaks volumes for our efficiency! Over the years, we have worked on millions of square feet of area to make these fit for both public and private infrastructure projects. And it is not only our technology and expertise but also our manpower and financial stability and strength that have seen us making a success of each of these challenging projects.


We are known as a constantly evolving Jacksonville contractor. The secret of our success lies in our ability to adapt to changing market needs—be it with the speed with which we embrace new technology or the drive with which we ourselves innovate and enhance our skills to meet the requirements of a dynamic work environment. And this is why we have also been successful in implementing complex apartment site development work. We have the requisite equipment and the expertise to carry out the “close quarters” precision work involved in such projects and also the inclination and tenacity to keep open a channel of communication with other contractors to ensure that the project goes off without a hitch.


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