St. Augustine Asphalt Paving Contractors

Industry watchers agree that Florida has shrugged off the recession blues and is on an industrialization and development spree. Florida is right now the hub of the IT, Life Sciences, Aviation, Logistics and Distribution, and Financial and Professional Services industries. And a host of others—manufacturing and several emerging fields like nanotechnology, marine science, and materials science—are waiting in the wings to burst into the industrial scene. This widespread and dizzying industrial development and the ensuing real estate boom in various regions of Florida, like the historic city of St. Augustine, have created demand for site development professionals who are not only impeccable in what they do but can also keep pace with increasing demands.

Vallencourt Steps in to Fill the Gap

We, at Vallencourt, Inc., a leading St. Augustine, FL construction company, have been in the business of commercial and residential site development for more than 60 years. We provide 360-degree site development services that range from land clearing to asphalt paving and from asphalt parking lot construction to asphalt repair. Over the years and after working on varied utility infrastructure development projects of differing complexities in St. Augustine, asphalt paving and other precision-driven tasks, we have built the technological expertise that lets us take on a project of any scale and complete it to your satisfaction - on time and within your budget. In St. Augustine, asphalt parking lot construction, a prime requirement for commercial site development, is another one of our strengths.

Tackling Challenges Comes Easily to Us

But we do more complex tasks than asphalt repair in St. Augustine. Trust us to take up challenges that others may shun! Apartment site development projects are considered one of the most difficult to execute, partly because these sites tend to be compact and partly because the site development work has to be carried out in tandem with other contractors. The latter involves precision work in “close quarters” and also complex tasks that have to be carried out manually. All throughout our work, we keep up close and consistent communication with other contractors to ensure that we not only execute our jobs thoroughly but also don’t get in the way of others doing theirs!

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