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Jacksonville Contractor - At Vallencourt Inc. we maintain the highest standards of quality, integrity, efficiency, and safety. We do this through the most knowledgable and talented staff in the industry. The road we have taken to this point hasn’t been without its bumps and potholes but, it hasn’t been anything we couldn’t smooth out with a little asphalt as noted per our Company's history

We are not the typical site Jacksonville Construction company that rushes to complete a job, without regards to precision based quality also, while throwing a barrage of change orders at our clients. Our team does quite the contrary. We maintain and adhere to a strict time table and schedules however we make it our goal to go above and beyond the contracted duties to see to it our clients are left demanding us on the next project.

Our Services

When Vallencourt Inc. is awarded your contract, we handle everything from bottom to top. From demolition to underground infrastructure all the way to finished asphalt or concrete.  We handle and manage it all so everything goes just as smooth as the asphalt we lay to finish the job as noted per our services below:

Our Mission

Sustainable growth through superior customer service, innovation, quality and commitment to doing whatever it takes to make sure we deliver what we say we will deliver, when we say we will deliver it.

Our Projects

We are a family owned, operated, and driven business, with the oldest established name in site construction in North Florida.  As one of the top Jacksonville Contractors,  Vallencourt Inc. we have a legacy that makes our name synonymous with quality work where ever you go and we intend to maintain that reputation.  Our past projects have included both the private and public sectors throughout Northeast Florida:


  • Mandarin Cove Office Condominiums
  • Farmers Market
  • Anheisur Busch Plant
  • U Stor It: Climatized Storage
  • Fresh Market: Atlantic Blvd
  • Shoppes of San Pablo
  • Shoppes at Goodby’s Creek
  • Clay Eye Care
  • Atlantic Coast Bank
  • Regions Bank    
  • Tennis Courts (Largest Construction Contractor in North Florida)


  • NAS JAX Naval Hospital Addition
  • FAA Central Command Restoration
  • North Shore Elementary School  K-8
  • Ed White High School Additions
  • Greenland Elementary School
  • P-3 Hangar and Parking at NAS
  • Youth Development Center NAS
  • Camp Blanding
  • Lee High School Restoration
  • St. Augustine Airport Additions

Our Vision

We consider it vital to our existence to grow and expand our knowledge and capabilities so we can deliver the most cost effective and high quality services to our clients known to man.