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Florida enjoys 300 days of sunshine every year. Incidentally, Florida also experiences its share, or probably more than it, of foul weather. Tropical storms frequently batter the state and roads bear as much brunt as any other man-made structure. The quality of the infrastructure determines which roads can stand up to inclement weather and also rise up to the challenges of large-scale commercial and housing development in populous suburban areas like Orange Park, near Jacksonville.

Technological Superiority Equals Efficiency

We, at Vallencour Inc., a reputable Orange Park, FL construction company, have been in the business of utility infrastructure development for more than 60 years to realize the importance of maintaining roads to keep the channels of communication flowing. Technology is our main weapon as we go about our primary business in Orange Park - Asphalt Paving. We employ a multi-stage asphalt installation process to pave, repair, and fortify roads and walkways to provide durable and cost-effective solutions for our clients. We also seal asphalt surfaces with a protective layer to induce greater degrees of strength and longevity, the primary requirements in an area where utilities have to withstand rough weather conditions. In Orange Park, asphalt parking lot construction jobs that include paving and sealcoating, are also our forte.

A Range of Services

Our expertise and experience in utility development also extends to areas other than asphalt repair in Orange Park, such as land clearing and site development. And we are not only called in to clear disaster sites but our services are also required when our clients need to thoroughly clear an area for construction purposes. Over the years, we have added to our technology and equipment base and today we are capable of undertaking large-scale jobs involving thousands of acres and making perfect work of these.

Efficiency from Impeccability and Timeliness

The thoroughness with which we complete our work is only matched by our timely deliveries well within your budget, every time. After all, we realize that time is of the utmost essence in infrastructure development.

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