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Utility infrastructure development is the pre-requisite for growth—economic, social, and cultural—in any society. Be it an urban setting or a rural community, the quality of infrastructure and the speed with which these projects are implemented determine the pace of progress. Florida’s dizzying pace of development in recent times can well be attributed to the spurt of infrastructural development that has taken place in key areas of the state like Fernandina Beach. And we, at Vallencourt Construction Co. Inc., a premier Fernandina Beach, FL construction company, have been an active participant in the region’s growth story!

360-Degree Services

That’s our strength! Infrastructural development is not one job—it encompasses myriad facets that may start with land clearing and site development in Fernandina Beach, asphalt paving, and parking lot construction. Site development in turn, may constitute a variety of tasks, including earth work and installation of water and sewage systems and storm drains - the latter an absolute necessity in a state that is frequently battered by tropical storms. In Fernandina Beach, asphalt parking lot construction and road paving on the other hand, usually constitute multiple tasks, such as base installation, asphalt paving and repair, and seal coating and stripping. But fortunately, when you engage our services, you can be sure that we will take charge of ALL the work involved in one complex infrastructure development project!

Expertise, Experience, Efficiency

We have been learning and perfecting our techniques for site development and asphalt repair in Fernandina Beach throughout the 60 years we have been in this business. We are now capable of taking on a utility development project of any scale and complexity and carry it out to completion within the deadline, within your budget, and surpassing your expectations. And we do this every time! We rely on the latest technology and equally on the expertise of our employees to achieve this unerring accuracy. Of course having a huge pool of resources and a financially sound operation helps as well.

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