Landscape Curbing Services
Jacksonville, FL

How We Excel at It

Jacksonville is all decked up to usher in a new era of industrial, commercial, and economic success. And we, at Vallencourt, Inc., considered among the most reputable Jacksonville paving contractors, are leading the way in enhancing the look our city. We are a paving and construction company with an eye for beauty. So, it is only natural that our technological superiority and keen aesthetic sense give our work a distinct edge.

Myriad of Solutions to Enhance Curb Appeal

Being in the business of driveway curbing and edging for more than 60 years. Our precision-driven concrete edging is designed to give your driveway, roadway or parking lot the perfect edge to better help define the parameters for vehicle usage.  We have the tools, techniques, training, and the experience to provide solutions for even the most complex curbing requirements, like creating borders around various shapes to give your driveway, parking lot or roadway a unique curb appeal. We have more than one solution to address your unique needs.

Decorative Asphalt Paving to Beautify Driveways

Apart from curbs for driveways, road and parking lots, we also carry out stamped asphalt paving and stamped concrete overlay work with the same precision and efficiency. We use superior-quality materials to impart realistic brick, stone, slate, and granite appearances to an asphalt or concrete surface and we guarantee that these textured looks will retain their beauty with the least necessary maintenance. Our guarantee of course, stems from the fact that we use only the most advanced system of texture coating to impart stability and durability to the finish. As a Jacksonville concrete contractor of considerable repute, we let our work speak for itself.

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