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Jacksonville in 2014

And we’re off…

2014 is here and as unlucky of a number as 13 is, there was nothing unlucky about 2013 for the asphalt paving industry in Jacksonville, Florida. We saw gains of 27% in terms of total revenue generated from asphalt paving services from the previous fiscal year.

Consumer confidence was up over the last year which lead to a much needed increase in commercial restoration and development in the greater Jackcsonille metropolitan area.

2014 is not looking too far off, with NE Florida becoming some what of a tax haven for big business wanting to maintain their headquarters within the USA. With Florida not having a state income tax, unlike New York and California, the region is becoming vastly more popular to folks like Everbank and Bank of America. Both of which now have a huge infrastructure investment in Jacksonville.

We are still a long way off from attracting the big names on Wall Street. The companies that pay the big bucks to their big talent are still holding grip in places like Manhattan and Los Angeles for not wanting to abandon some the worlds best entertainment and dining for the North Florida sunshine.

However, we are getting closer to having that level of splendor here. With the new plans for revitalization of the downtown area, development for jacksonville is looking better than ever. Many developers are taking an approach of not only rehabbing properties to add value…. But to rehab properties in a manner that adds value to the community as well and raise the surrounding tides even more to better float businesses that will come and occupy newly developed space.

It is a trend that is much needed in this area of Jacksonville. Our downtown has many beautiful and historic buildings that currently sit vacant.

Now that we have our courthouse parking lot no longer occupying prime real estate on the St. John’s River, I think we could really be on the cusp of a burgeoning metropolis. Which will eventually help to greatly raise the per capita income level of our great city to a point where developers can’t afford to pass up Jacksonville for investment

This is to be an exciting year for our great little big city. We are on the cusp of a wildfire starting. We just need to keep the burden of washingtons fire extinguishers away from our flames!!!

Happy New Year And God Bless!

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